Our Footprints – Johnny Huckle, a Wiradjuri elder was raised on an Aboriginal reserve 2kms from Condobolin. He began busking at the tender age of four, singing around the campfire for his uncle Ronald Sloane he was encouraged to sing at Sunday school by a cousin Colleen Faye Sloane. He was ran over by a car at the age of ten and lived a childhood of torment and glares. Inspired to take up music after an Easter music concert at Dungeon Christian based “muso space” he bought his first guitar in 1972 for $39 and bought his first copy of the Rolling Stone magazine which contained guitar chords on the back of it where Johnny taught himself to play guitar. His first album was produced in 1986 in Dubbo, famously known for his children’s dance song the Wombat Wobble he has performed across Australia and travelled to Europe, Africa and Vietnam entertaining thousands. Now sixty years old he enjoys playing at festivals and entertaining children.